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Helping people and organisations perform better.


Strategy Formulation & Implementation

Businesses invest disproportionate amounts of time, money and effort doing their strategy roadmaps, while they don’t show the same initiative and rigour when it comes to implementation. However the more you delay, the more dated your strategy becomes allowing the business environment to grow even more hostile with time. We come on board not only as consultants but also as coaches and facilitators, all rolled into one providing not only an outside-in view and access to best practices but also providing stakeholder management and rigourous project management oversight to convert your strategy into reality.

Innovation & Design Thinking Processes

Innovation is at the heart of staying nimble and we believe that every business has an opportunity for ‘incremental’ innovation which it must harness, besides the big ideas. An innovation mindset is not limited to products alone but it transcends the organisation, as every process can be innovated to deliver the outcomes better, faster or cheaper. Our work around innovation is more centred around the process of innovation i.e. ‘how’ rather than ‘what’ of innovation. We use a design thinking process based approach to leverage different perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience of our combined teams to find solutions to your challenges, while always keeping the end-customer as the centre-piece of every solution.

Operational Excellence & Cost Optimisation

In today’s competitive world, it is imperative for manufacturing organisations to streamline their production processes and operate at an optimum level, by targeting elimination of loss and waste across the spectrum of all manufacturing inputs. Operational excellence is about delivering enhanced production efficiency by significantly improving process performance with respect to equipment utilisation, yield, product quality, availability, safety and delivery performance, while Cost optimisation is about focussing on cost and consumption of energy, water and other utilities, materials, human resources and capital deployment.

Sales Processes & Execution

Excellence in sales processes and sales execution directly impacts the survival and growth of any business. Even the best of products fail, if they don’t reach the shelves (off-line and on-line) and eventually the consumer, when they want it and the way they want it. A good sales process, executed consistently, is critical to achieving sales excellence. Establishing sales processes is critical, but it is equally critical to take a hard look at the sales management process; because effective sales management, driven by a repeatable process, is the backbone of a high-performing sales team.

Leadership Coaching & Facilitation

As Galileo said “You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself," and that is what we do as Coaches. We believe all the wisdom you need lies within you. We help you pause and introspect, shatter your self-limiting beliefs, and come up with an action plan to achieve the change that you desire. We understand the challenges of transforming while performing, and hence, our coaching methodology is rooted in application to the real world of organisational, business and life challenges. Our work in facilitation is mostly with senior management teams focussed around culture, transformation and change and is delivered through successful design and management of meeting processes and interactive workshops.

Talent Acquisition

While we are not a full blown recruitment agency, we do leverage our own and extended network to find the right talent for your organisations. Most of our hires are from within our network and hence they come with the right background and references from people who may have worked with them in the past. Our talent acquisition wing is foussed on recruitment for middle and senior level positions. Our terms of engagement, like most of our other services are highly competitive and mostly success driven.

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